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Scheduled Actions: automating post-functions outside of workflows [new in Jira Cloud]


Schedule actions for one or more JMWE post-functions to run against issues returned by a JQL search.  

Regular workflow post-functions run on transitions, but now you can schedule JMWE post-functions to run against issues returned by a JQL search. For example, you can automatically transition any issue escalated yet not addressed for over 24 hours.

Things to know:

  • ​Works based on predefined times, not based on workflow transitions.
  • Flexible scheduling allows for any frequency (10-minute minimum).
  • Can execute many types of automations, such as workflow transitions, issue status and user changes, all in sequence.

How it works:

​In the Scheduled Actions library, set the schedule according to your requirements:

Then, select your parameters for issues you'd like to target with this automation.

Finally, create post-functions, for example, one to send a custom email, and another one to add a comment.

Here is how the Scheduled Action Editor looks:

Sequence of Post-functions: ensuring a predictable...
Shared Actions: reusing post-function configuratio...

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Monday, 28 September 2020

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