Viewing time 6 minutes   for Jira Misc Workflow Extensions for Jira Cloud 
In this video, you learn how to create shared JMWE post-functions (or sequences of post-functions) that can be reused in multiple workflow transitions. For example, set multiple fields using set field value post-functions and then add them to transitions as one Shared Action, without the need to recreate them again and again. Or configure a post-function to send an email, and then reuse it in different workflows.
Why you need Shared Actions?

  • Since Jira doesn't support copy-and-paste of post-functions, Shared Actions can help you reuse common configurations quicker and easier;
  • One Shared Action can include multiple post-functions to run in sequence - you can create a more sophisticated process once, and then reuse it in your workflow transitions;
  • Using Shared Actions makes frequently used post-functions easy to maintain - changes to the Shared Action will instantly apply to all transitions where it is being used. 
To learn more about JMWE's Shared Actions for Jira Cloud, check out the documentation