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The difference between the legacy Transitions tab and JMWE’s (and how to disable one)

Jira Issue Transition History Tab

JMWE's new Transitions tab option gives users a precise view of transitions and if you are using this app, it is enabled by default. However, some older Jira Cloud instances might show a second "old view" Transitions tab. This is a legacy tab originally provided by Jira Suite Utilities (JSU).

To avoid confusing your users with two similar options, you might want to disable one of the tabs. But which one should you keep?

JMWE shows a more accurate history of transitions. Here how these two tabs compare:

The JMWE's transitions history tab (a feature of JMWE) is better organized from the user perspective and shows more precise details. It lists all transitions, in the order in which they were triggered, with the time of their execution

JMWE's Issue Transition History Tab

The legacy tab instead displays how many times the transition was executed. As a consequence, it only displays the date and author of the last transition between the same statuses, not all of them. The legacy tab also omits to display the issue creation, but the JMWE tab will show you when any activity took place.

The legacy Issue Transition History Tab

If you have both tabs, you have an opportunity to compare the two in real life. JMWE-powered displays the logo at the bottom of the tab. Of course, you have the option of retiring the legacy transition history tab provided by Jira Cloud or disabling the JMWE transitions tab on the configuration page of the app.

How to disable the legacy Transition history tab

Disable the legacy Transitions tab for your instance by raising a support ticket with Atlassian Support. This has not been automated by Atlassian, however, it is a simple process. 

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