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How to prevent a user from choosing an inapplicable support type

Prevent a user from choosing an inapplicable support type

 ​This solution was provided by Darryl Lee. It has earned a $100 donation to FIRST. Challenge was submitted by Rachel Wright.


A customer submits a support request through the Jira Service Management customer portal. A help desk technician receives the request and classifies it by choosing a Component representing an impacted software application or business area. They use a second field to select the type of support needed. 

The type of support available needs to be Component-specific. For example, if the Component is "email," the only applicable support selections are "troubleshooting" and "monitoring." If the Component is "network," the only suitable support selections are "monitoring" and "security."

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Perform on-the-fly calculations with JMWE for Jira Cloud

Calculated Fields in Jira Cloud

Have you ever wanted to automate calculations based on data from your Jira fields? While Jira Cloud allows you to create custom fields, it doesn't provide a way to perform any calculations within those fields.

You can now use Event-based Actions, more specifically the feature's Issue Field Value Change trigger, to perform and automate calculations using values that appear in your Jira issue's custom fields.

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JMWE Product Validation by Rodney Nissen / TheJiraGuy

JMWE Product Validation Report by TheJiraGuy

Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) review by TheJiraGuy is now available. While an online review mostly covers JMWE features for Jira Cloud, this Product Validation Report [pdf] covers all platforms - Jira Cloud, Jira Data Center, and Jira Server.

According to Rodney, Jira workflow apps "all essentially do something similar, but each one's unique design makes it suited to a slightly different application or use case." Here, he takes "a more in-depth look at what Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) by Innovalog is, what problems it solves, what makes it unique."

Did you know that JMWE holds a special place in Rodney's heart? Read the report to find out why

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Introducing Event-based Actions for ultimate Jira automation

Ultimate Jira Automation - Event-based Actions

Automate processes outside of Jira Workflows with this new JMWE for Jira Cloud feature

If you've ever configured a Jira workflow, you know that regular workflow post-functions run on transitions - that is, when an issue transitions from one status to another. Let's say an issue transitions from OPEN to IN PROGRESS. As part of a workflow transition, many rules can be set up to automate processes.

Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) for Jira Cloud includes dozens of configurable workflow post-functions that can enable a virtually unlimited number of use cases. However, what if important issue updates take place outside of status changes - without a transition taking place? That's where our new powerful Event-based Actions come in.

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Set up a template to create multiple Jira issues

Create Multiple Jira Issues With JMWE

By Damian Rosochacki of Isos Technology

If you're a Jira admin or a power user, at some point, you've come across the following question, or a variant of it: "How can I create a template of issues?" Depending on the requirements, implementing a solution may take you anywhere from five minutes to a couple of days. Here, Damian from Isos Technology shows you how to quickly set up a template for an Epic, Issues, and Sub-tasks. It will take less than five minutes if you use the Jira Miscellaneous Workflow Extension app's Create Issue post-function.