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Have questions about recent changes to your JWME for Jira Cloud installation?

Atlassian has made a decision to remove all add-ons that come preinstalled with Jira Cloud in order to improve the stability, performance, and security of their Jira Cloud offerings, and to allow them to deliver new functionality at a faster rate. We worked closely with an amazing Jira Cloud product team at Atlassian to ensure your end-users can continue using your workflows without disruption. Substantial development efforts have been made by both teams to ensure a smooth transition, however, to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks, please review the following Migration FAQs - you will need to take action!

In a nutshell, to make sure that your workflows remain operational, signup for a paid version of JMWE now.

  • How do I install JMWE for JIRA Cloud?

    JMWE is either already pre-installed on your JIRA Cloud instance created before September 19, 2016, or it can be installed from the « Find new add-ons » page within JIRA.

  • I received a notification that JMWE is going to be discontinued on JIRA Cloud. What’s happening?

    Innovalog's JMWE product is NOT being discontinued.

    Atlassian announced on April 18, 2016, that JMWE will no longer be available (pre-installed). What this actually means is that on September 19th, the current version of the add-on, based on Atlassian's « P2 » framework and identical to the JMWE add-on also available for JIRA Server, are now removed from JIRA Cloud.

    However, most of the same functionality will continue to be available to you. The Workflow Conditions and Validators previously offered by JMWE add-on are built into JIRA Cloud, and the Workflow Post-functions are available through a brand new version of JMWE designed specifically for JIRA Cloud using Atlassian’s Connect framework.

  • What happened to my JIRA Cloud workflows the week of September 19th, 2016?

    On August 15, 2016, the current JMWE add-on will be uninstalled from your JIRA Cloud instance, and a new version of the add-on, based on Atlassian’s Connect framework, will be installed in its place. This change will happen automatically, and all your workflows will be converted to use the new version of the add-on. However, because of current limitations of Atlassian’s Connect framework, some post-functions will be behaving slightly differently and you might need to adjust your workflows.

  • Why can’t there be support for conditions and validators by JMWE?

    Atlassian has made a decision to remove all add-ons that come preinstalled with JIRA Cloud in order to improve the stability, performance, and security of their JIRA Cloud offerings. The new Connect framework, which is the only framework still supported for Cloud add-ons and is available for third party software developers, doesn’t currently offer support for Conditions and Validators.

  • Will the new JMWE for JIRA Cloud continue to be free?

    No. To continue using the Post-functions that are available through JMWE, you will need to subscribe to the add-on by clicking on the « Free trial » button on JIRA's Manage add-ons page. However, in order to avoid any disruption of service, you will be able to continue using the add-on without a license until October 16, 2016. Past that date, if you have not subscribed to the add-on, JMWE will stop working and every workflow using its post-functions will be affected. Pricing information can be found here.

  • Why is the new JMWE add-on no longer offered for free?

    Since Atlassian is no longer supporting any add-ons that are based on their « P2 » framework, to make JMWE available to users and to ensure a smooth workflow migration required substantial development - JMWE was completely re-written to make the add-on work with the new Atlassian Connect framework. In addition, this change prevented us from using Atlassian’s cloud hosting, and Innovalog’s team has invested in highly-available and scalable cloud hosting to ensure the ultimate reliability of the service. As part of this paid offering, JMWE now offers full support and timely updates for the add-on. It also offers better alignment between features of the commercially available (via Paid-by-Atlassian) add-on for JIRA Server and JMWE for JIRA Cloud to ensure an easier transition for customers switching to the cloud.

  • Where can I find more information about the new JMWE for JIRA Cloud product?

    To learn more about the add-on, visit JMWE for JIRA Cloud product page.

  • How can I identify which of my existing workflows are affected by this change?

    Instructions to help facilitate the discovery of the affected workflows for each instance you own, as well as some additional information, are available on the Atlassian website.

  • Does this affect JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions for JIRA Server?

    No, existing JIRA Server customers using JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions will not be affected.

  • Who do I contact if I have any questions?

    To get help, or find answers to your questions, please visit Innovalog’s Service Desk.

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