Supercharge Your Workflows With Easy Yet Powerful Scripting

Customize projects with JMWE to meet your needs




Jira Misc Workflow Extensions for Jira Cloud comes with a diverse collection of point-and-click building blocks you can configure without code, but if you’d like to customize further, you can easily write Jira expressions or Nunjucks scripts to make your workflows even more powerful. Even with very little coding experience, you can quickly learn how to create sophisticated workflows and deploy them bug-free.

JMWE also includes a simplified API that hides the complexity of the Jira API.

The JMWE makes scripting easy. Features include:

"Definitely recommend this add-on to get the most out of Jira"

- Shane Whybrow




Powered by Jira Expressions



JMWE's new Build-your-own (scripted) Condition and Build-your-own (scripted) Validator, powered by Jira expressions (the domain-specific language that is used to implement conditions and validators in Jira Cloud), help you extend your workflows even further! For example, using the Build-your-own (scripted) Condition, you can create a condition to hide the transition from the user if s/he is not an approver, allow the issue to be closed only by the reporter, show an "escalate" transition when the time-to-resolution has been breached, and so much more.

Note that Jira expressions is a new language just recently developed Atlassian, therefore there might be situations where it won’t act as expected, so please be sure to always test your workflow.







JMWE makes scripting easy with our proprietary interactive inline help system. It displays what the script should return, provides a description of global variables that are available to use in your scripts, gives an explanation of how to access any issue field, lists methods and properties available on issue objects, and more.

The on-the-fly syntax checking and inline script tester, plus the Jira expressions and Nunjucks scripting language (used in JMWE post-functions) documentation will let you quickly test and deploy your workflows. Even with very little coding experience, you can quickly learn how to create sophisticated workflows and deploy them bug-free.





JMWE also includes a simplified Jira API for the most common tasks that makes writing even sophisticated scripts easy. No more spending hours searching the Jira API documentation to write even the simplest code - JMWE includes comprehensive API documentation so that you can start working with it quickly.