An all-in-one app for building and automating Jira workflows

Powers Jira workflows of Google, Dell, Microsoft, and of 15K+ other instances

Choose from 30+ workflow conditions, validators, and post-functions, or customize with your own scripts

JMWE removes the limitations of Jira’s built-in features to allow you to quickly build sophisticated workflows.

With JMWE for Jira Server, you can easily automate your business processes. Whether you are creating straightforward workflows for bug submissions, or complex ones such as comprehensive product development processes, with JMWE's building blocks you can configure your workflows quickly.

JMWE for Jira Server provides a collection of workflow conditions, post-functions, and validators giving you all the building blocks you need to extend your workflows without code. If you’d like to customize further, you can write Groovy scripts to make your workflows even more powerful using our new JMWE Groovy editor and tester.


JMWE powers workflows for millions of users








Quickly configure workflows using no-code building blocks
to support any number of use cases

A collection of 30+ conditions, validators, and post-functions available in JMWE for Jira Server will let you easily build workflows for your teams.

See all conditions, validators, and post-functions







The JMWE Groovy Console makes scripting easy

JMWE comes with a diverse collection of building blocks you can configure easily without code, but if you’d like to customize further, you can write Groovy scripts to make your workflows even more powerful. The new JMWE Groovy Console, which also includes the JMWE tester, simplifies coding and lets you test the syntax on the fly to avoid deploying non-functional workflows. You can test your script against any issue so that you can debug it and make changes without having to actually trigger the transition and look at the Jira logs to see the results.

The JMWE Groovy Console features syntax highlighting and on-the-fly syntax checking, as well as comprehensive Groovy documentation and many examples for you to get started. Even with very little coding experience, you can quickly learn how to create sophisticated workflows and deploy them bug-free.







Starting with JMWE 5.5, the new integrated online help system makes scripting ever easier. It displays expected values for each field type, provides a description of global variables and functions that are available to use in your scripts, gives an explanation of how to access any issue field, lists methods and properties available on issue objects, and more. It also features a complete JavaDoc-style documentation of any Jira, JMWE, Java or Groovy class. 





JMWE also includes a simplified Jira API for the most common tasks that makes writing even sophisticated scripts easy. No more spending hours searching the Jira API documentation to write even the simplest code - JMWE includes a comprehensive API documentation so that you can start working with it quickly.